About MagMaggie_casual_1_cropped_webgie

I am a licensed clinical social worker with 20 years of experience in the field of mental health. I received my masters degree in social work in 1996 from Colorado State University. I’ve worked in several agency and hospital settings while also doing private practice since graduating. I bring a breadth and depth of understanding to the client therapist relationship. I bring a special ability to bridge traditional therapy methods with some Eastern and spiritual practices. I have my own regular yoga and meditation practice. I have also been a student of the Ridhwan School for 15 years. This is a spiritual/personal growth school located in Boulder that helps people integrate the wisdom and practices of the East with the knowledge and understanding of the psychology of the West.

I have extensive experience working with adults and young adults addressing a myriad of issues. To our relationship I bring a sense of humor, compassion and a non-judging attitude. I can help you look at difficult issues and guide you gently to find a sense of wholeness and healing from past struggles. Through this process it is possible to connect with the essential part of you that is separate from your conditioned and patterned self. From this you may experience increased freedom and peace in your life.