"I started working with Maggie when I was in a very dark place,
now she is part of my healthy lifestyle. She has a calming approach
and is able to get to the heart of my issues quickly. When I’m having
a hard time, I hear her soothing voice in my head. My life is much
simpler with her in my life."

–T.L. Fort Collins



"After experiencing many challenging and stressful events in my life,
I found myself feeling beaten down, anxious and lacking the enthusiasm
for life and self-confidence I once had. Maggie's kind, patient and
compassionate guidance has helped me to grow personally,
learn better coping skills, and find myself and my voice once again."

—H.D. Fort Collins



"Maggie helped me through a very painful and confusing time. I am doing
great now.
 I still use the techniques she taught me and think daily about
the wisdom she offered.
Going to Maggie was one of the best decisions
I have made."

–L.H. Fort Collins


"I reached a point in my life that I didn’t know how to get out from under.
I felt like the world’s greatest actor, hiding and shying away from all my pain
by smiling it into oblivion. Maggie was so patient, she never judged or criticized.
She built me up and encouraged me to ask the hard questions. She helped me find my voice."

–A.B. Pittsburgh